About Us

Foumani Persian Gallery is active in the field of exclusive and antique Persian carpets and kilims.

On the basis of a cultural tradition and from a driven passion and feeling for the beauty of this art form Mrs. Parvin & Mr. Ali Foumani itself over the last decade are increasingly focused on this form of ancient textile art.

Antique carpets are inspiring for many people. The harmony of the design and the soft glow of the old wool, which
is dyed using natural resources, express themselves through a tranquil beauty.

The joint effort has resulted in depth expertise, an international reputation as well as a special and beautiful collection. Mr. Ali Foumani is also active as a board member of the KVHOK (Royal Antique Arts Association of the Netherlands) & the TMV (Dutch Federation of Certified Appraisers, Brokers and Auctioneers).

Also provides Foumani Persian Gallery supplying high quality hand-knotted contemporary rugs - also called decorative carpets - carpets and design. These contemporary rugs are mostly produced in house.
It is only used by hand spun wool and natural dyes on base.
Foumani Persian Gallery - former Pars Oriental Carpets in Groningen - has opted for establishment of the Gallery in Amsterdam. Its central location makes it possible to both Dutch and international clientele service.

The interior of the Gallery has a great beauty, where the ancient textile art comes into its own, so to speak, and invites you to visit.


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